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About OneHorseShy

Once upon a time in the west, there was a little t-shirt site known as OneHorseShy...

And by little, I do mean little. I create all of the designs, run the day-to-day affairs, code the site, I even make the majority of the products with my own two hands. The OneHorseShy T-shirt Mercantile, while large in its catalog/breadth/awesomeness, is a one-woman show. Just me, that's it. No big business corporate BS to deal with. If you've got a question, issue, or request, I'm available to hear what you've got to say.

Since OneHorseShy first opened back in 2002, it's been everywhere! Customers have been wearing OneHorseShy t-shirts all across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world. And OneHorseShy merchandise been featured in the press too: ABC News, The Tonight Show, ESPN, Bust Magazine, Slate, The Washington Post, Curve, The Root, NBC Los Angeles, Variety, Forbes, PC Magazine, in the 2008 movie Tropic Thunder, even in Playgirl Magazine (twice!), and on a multitude of blogs both big and small.

OneHorseShy offers quality goods crafted with love, all made right here in the USA. Dozens of cool, funny, original designs -- I try my best to cover the spectrum (hence the "We pander to everyone!" tagline). OneHorseShy provides people with a fun & easy way to express themselves and their views to the world. Ultimately, I think that's a positive thing... even if it includes a bad word or two.

Thank you for choosing the OneHorseShy T-shirt Mercantile, purveyor of fine sundries & general awesomeness.   Come back and visit us again sometime!


Love, Cindy

Founder, Proprietor, Big Shot


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