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OneHorseShy Is Made In America

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OneHorseShy: made in the USA

Since 2002, the OneHorseShy product line has been pretty varied: apparel styles in a range of price points, bumper stickers, pin back buttons, coffee mugs, and a whole bunch of weird little tchotchkes with dubious manufacturing origins. I focused on availability and affordability when choosing which products to print my designs on. USA-sourced blanks weren't even an option for most products. It was a nice bonus if I could find it, but it was just that -- a bonus, not a requirement.

But as the years passed... and more US jobs were outsourced, and the quality of imported goods became questionable at best, and unregulated pollutants are spewed into the environment, and factory fires cost hundreds of people their lives, and horrifying worker conditions akin to slavery are the norm. And it's all for a stupid t-shirt.

I can't throw in with that anymore.

So take a look around this place now and you'll find that OneHorseShy products are made, designed, printed, and assembled right here in the USA. Here's the origin story of the new OneHorseShy product line:

  • T-shirts are exclusively American Apparel brand shirts. Sweatshop-free, sustainably and ethically manufactured in the USA, custom printed to order with environmentally friendly water-based inks.
  • Button parts and magnet parts are made in the USA of US steel. The magnetic backing is imported, and it's the only imported component I use (if you know of US-manufactured ceramic magnet discs, please contact me because I'd love to switch). Buttons & magnets are handmade by me.
  • Even the giclee art prints are made with paper that's been milled/cut in the USA. Art prints are expertly printed by me.

I pared down the t-shirt selection, ditching all the standard imported brands. I sourced blanks & materials that are manufactured in America, even if they cost a little more.... except they don't end up costing you, the customer, more at all. OneHorseShy prices are the same or less than they were before this upgrade.

Go to any print-on-demand t-shirt megasite and you can see knockoffs of OneHorseShy designs (sorry, just venting a little) printed on shirts that were made by child slaves in Bangladesh/Thailand/Vietnam/Myanmar -- and you'll have the privilege of paying $25-30 for said shirt.

Or you can shop OneHorseShy -- t-shirts for $24, art prints from $10, buttons & magnets from only $2.50 -- all high quality, USA-made products direct from the original designer (me!). Offering quality American-made goods is my top priority. Choose wisely :)

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