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Grammar Matters: Debate Edition

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I can't pass up the opportunity to bust on Trump for "As far as the cyber" or "As far as the nuclear is concerned" or "The Fed is doing political." Those are some real gems of awkwardness. And then there's this one:

 "I have a winning temperament. I know how to win." 

He's said this a number of times now, most recently during the debate. Many people question if he actually knows what the word temperament means. But temperament is not the word that bugs me in this particular word salad, it's winning.

Donald Trump does not know what winning means.

Oh, the irony...

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To describe someone as having "a winning temperament" does not mean winning in the competitive, victorious sense. It means that person has a winsome temperament, an appealing temperament. Attractive, charming, endearing. It's like saying someone has "a winning smile" — that doesn't mean the smile vanquished all its opponents to win first place in smiles!

The word winning in this context means winsome.

But in fairness, I'll throw Trump a bone on this one: "Big league" is what he's actually saying. Not bigly. Big league, like big time. Here, I'll use it in a sentence: Donald Trump is a liar, big league.

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